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Trusts are an effective tool for tax and estate planning. We offer four core trusts in addition to our award winning Discounted Gift Trust.
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Find out how to use offshore bonds as an investment vehicle in our range of useful offshore bond guides.
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Trust Documents

Where advice is given to place an Offshore Bond into trust, any adviser charging agreement needs to accurately reflect who the ongoing advice is being given to and more importantly, who is paying it.

Once a bond is placed in trust it is the trustees who become the owner. Therefore, if the fee agreement is still with the original policyholder (Settlor) and they continue to pay adviser fees, such payments would be viewed as further transfers into the trust. This is because they are paying a fee on behalf of the trustees.

These payments are considered as a further gift for inheritance tax purposes, potentially using up any gift allowance or being a potentially exempt or chargeable transfer (depending on the type of trust).

Ideally once the offshore bond is in trust, it should be the trustees that agree, and pay, the advice charge in the future . Therefore care is needed in ensuring the appropriate agreements are in place.

Guide to trustsAn introduction to using trusts and the RL360 trust range Which trust sales aidAsks you key questions to help decide which may be the most appropriate trust for your client
Using a letter of wishesThis sales aid explains when a Settlor might wish to consider writing a letter of wishes to the trustees of a discretionary trust Draft Deed of Appointment / Retirement of TrusteesDeed which is completed by Trustees to document the appointment of trustees and/or retirement of a current trustees.
Isle of Man Probate Trust deedA trust designed for individuals who wish to avoid the need to Isle of Man Probate upon their death. It also avoids the need to obtain Probate in the UK Isle of Man Probate Trust case studyA case study to illustrate the workings and possible benefits of the Isle of Man Probate Trust
Gift Trust deedThe Gift Trust allows the Settlor(s) to make an Inheritance Tax efficient gift to the trustees for the benefit of the beneficiaries Gift Trust case studyA case study to illustrate the workings and possible benefits of the Gift Trust
Discounted Gift Trust deedOur Discounted Gift Trust is suitable for clients who may require IHT planning, an income for life and additional capital that can be recalled or gifted depending on future circumstances Discounted Gift Trust case studiesFive case studies which illustrate possible benefits of a Discounted Gift Trust
Guide to completing the Discounted Gift Trust deedHelp with completing our Discounted Gift Trust deed Discounted Gift Trust reporting requirementsDetails which chargeable transfers need to be reported to HMRC
Discounted Gift Trust health questionnaireHealth questions for all clients applying for a Discounted Gift Trust Discounted Gift Trust Client SummaryA summary providing general information about the trust and UK inheritance tax.
Discounted Gift Trust Guide for Financial AdvisersA guide which explains the general features of the trust and how it works. Loan Trust (joint settlor) deedDeed for joint Settlors
Loan Trust case studyA case study to illustrate the workings and possible benefits of the Loan Trust Request to Trustees for Loan RepaymentThis document is used in conjunction with the Loan Trust only. It is a request from the Settlor to the Trustees for Loan Repayments to commence.