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Trusts are an effective tool for tax and estate planning. We offer four core trusts in addition to our award winning Discounted Gift Trust.
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Offshore bond guides

Find out how to use offshore bonds as an investment vehicle in our range of useful offshore bond guides.
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RL360 provides superior investment, protection and tax-planning solutions from our base in the Isle of Man.
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Offshore bond guides

Guide to offshore bonds An introduction to Offshore Bonds, their investment flexibility and taxation Guide to offshore bonds for trusteesHow trustees can use offshore bonds as an investment vehicle
Onshore versus Wrap offshoreThis document compares onshore and off shore bonds, the level of investor protection provided and how they diff er in their Deemed gains - artificial growth but a very real taxA one page document which explains how a UK resident could incur a 15% annual tax charge if they hold assets which are not permissible under HMRC’s PPB Regulations.
Avoiding Isle of Man ProbateIsle of Man Probate is a legal document which identifies who is legally permitted to give instructions to Isle of Man institutions in respect of Isle of Man assets following the death of the owner. UK Taxation RP and SP Offshore PlansThe aim of this guide is to explain the UK tax treatment of an RL360 policy.