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Trust Documents

Trusts are an effective tool for tax and estate planning. We offer four core trusts in addition to our award winning Discounted Gift Trust.
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Offshore bond guides

Find out how to use offshore bonds as an investment vehicle in our range of useful offshore bond guides.
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About RL360

RL360 provides superior investment, protection and tax-planning solutions from our base in the Isle of Man
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Alan Blackburne Welcome to

I'm Alan Blackburne, Head of UK Relationships for RL360.

RL360, based on the Isle of Man, is an experienced provider of offshore bonds, supporting and administering the platform offshore bond for a number of leading Wrap providers.

The Wrap offshore bond market continues to grow and our support will develop with it.

This website has been designed to assist our Wrap providers with additional information relating to offshore bonds, their tax benefits, and our comprehensive trust range including a Guide to Trusts.

All this information can be found in our downloadable PDFs, just click on the appropriate link on the left hand side for all the details.

Please click here for our source of wealth rules and guidelines.

If you require further information about offshore bonds or how RL360 supports Investment Platform providers, here you'll find my contact details.